Our Mission

     Fostering all families by empowering the system towards a future where foster children and those who care for them are strengthened and supported.


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Volunteers are the core of our nonprofit organization. If you have a heart for helping the foster system support our children, we would love to hear from you!

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Our Community Needs Parents

Have you thought about foster care? There is a constant need for new homes to open their doors and support the children in this community. We support our kids daily, but we are here for the parents too!

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We have high hopes for what we can achieve within this community. Our vision is to support foster children and help provide resources to those who care for them. The statistics for children in foster care are heartbreaking and we aim to help strengthen the system so that these numbers can improve. 


We provide comfort bags to children entering the foster system. These bags are meant to provide the child with items that will soothe them during the stressful and scary experience of being placed in a new home. The second bag we deliver is to support the foster parent with getting the essentials for that child. Kids entering the system often have nothing and the expense of providing all those items is more than the state usually reimburses.



In the future we would like to be able to support the system by helping to recruit new foster parents, providing resources for therapeutic support groups, and giving foster parents some much-needed respite.

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