Alex Todak-Schwartz

Co-Founder/ Co-Director

Alex is a former foster youth with a passion for helping others. She started Mission: Support Kids in 2021 because she did not want children going through what she went through. 

In her words…

“I remember entering my first foster home and feeling out of place and scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen there, or what the future held. Towards the end of my time in foster care, I was given a blanket. An organization had made them and donated them as comfort items, it was a cherished possession. I know how important those acts of love and kindness are to children in the foster care system. I want to show them that they are worthy of love and kindness.”




Hannah Letzler

Co-Founder/ Co-Director

Hannah and Blake are a local foster family. They started their group in 2022 to help provide basic needs for children in foster care. 

In their words…

“In our experience, when a child enters foster care they often have very little or nothing of their own. There are so many losses that children face when they are placed in foster care and we want to make sure every child has a few things of their own. It can be very expensive to get everything a child needs and we wanted to help offset that cost a little and allow foster parents time to get to know the child(ren) they are caring for without having to run to the store immediately”